Over 40 years of success
Eraclea is an Ercom brand name, company founded in 1968 in Milan, operating in the production of soluble products for bars and company of the Lavazza Group since 2010.
The 3 pillars
The consolidated position as leader in the Italian scenario of the most innovative companies of the Ho.Re.Ca channel. is based on 3 pillars:

1) Constant product innovation, always available to meet consumer and market demands.

2) High quality products (raw materials and wrapping), supplies and marketing materials for the point of sale, featuring an appeal with a high visual impact.

3) Completeness of the service, from the machinery for the preparation of products to the table menus, from the paintings to the mugs, Eraclea never leaves anything to chance.
The Sales Network
The direct sales network is spread throughout the Italian territory, while there are several distributors in continuous expansion in other countries.

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