Coffee cream becomes Frozen!
Born from the creative imagination of Eraclea’s master craftsmen, Eraclea Crema al Caffè is a masterpiece of sweetness and flavour in which the natural goodness of coffee is enhanced by the tender embrace of a velvety cream.
Today, all the original taste of Eraclea Crema al Caffè in a fresh and enveloping Frozen Crema al Caffè!
The original gluttonous sin
Born from the inspiration of Eraclea experts, Eraclea Coffee Cream is a masterpiece of flavour and sweetness, where the natural quality of coffee is exalted in the soft embrace of a fresh and velvety cream. An idea become a daily ritual for a leisurely break alternative to the usual espresso that is always an innovating sensation thanks to the different recipes with which it can be served
The authenticity of a unique flavour
Despite many attempts to imitate it, Eraclea Coffee Cream is preferred by consumers who experience the higher quality and taste that is typical of its brand name. A success that today is renewed with a new exclusive image featuring a contemporary design on all its marketing materials.