Elegance and great even at home
Dolci Pensieri (Sweet Thoughts) is the proposal to offer an exclusive Eraclea line of stylish and colourful gift ideas to bring home delicious Eraclea and Whittington products combined with the beauty of professional decorated porcelain.?Dolci Pensieri ranges from the delicious world of hot chocolate to that of the finest tea, recreating the same experience of taste, style and luxuriance of top bars, directly at home.
Eraclea hot chocolate in tasty and prestigious packaging
Dolci Pensieri Eraclea includes packs with the classic Italian style thick hot chocolate, the Sweet Years Chocolate and the fondue to add the pleasure of chocolate, fruit or pastries. Proposals ever more different to bestow friends and family the experience to enjoy fine Eraclea hot chocolate.
Classic and herbal tea in the elegant Whittington packaging
In order to plunge into the world of Whittington tea and appreciate the boundless aromatic breadth, the packs include the classic infusion pot, Irish tea cups with the teapot and the Tea Book slipcase or Tea Collection.